My Struggle

As you’ve probably figured out

I struggle with

Control and Change



Throw in some expectations and you’ve got some major struggles

I just want everything to be just so

But it often is the just so that I would like

For instance, this blog I’m working on, I’m getting frustrated because I can’t get her page to look like I want and I can’t seem to figure it all out

Maybe all my dilemmas stem from impatience

I want it just so

right now

And then I see someone else’s beautiful blog and I get all nasty and want it like theres

Well, I’m human and I’m messy

And definitely not perfect

So what if I just accepted me as me and this as this

As it is

Right now?

Would I die?

Probably not

So if I accept how it is right now, maybe I would be forced to find the good in it

exercise my creative mind

and maybe find humor in more situations too

Well, I need to

Otherwise I remain

Frustrated and unhappy with how things are

Some things you can change and mold

Some things you can’t

And some things just take a really long time to change

So I am trying to learn how to walk through each situation gracefully

Or at least without throwing another fit

or Pity Party

Those aren’t actually fun parties

So let’s see how this works out

Probably not how I’m expecting…



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