This is on First

By use of List Randomizer and Number Generator –

Here is the first random photo chosen from millions…


This is harder than I thought

Stream of consciousness, I can do this, I do this constantly throughout the day

In my own head

Without an audience, but myself

And God

I’m thinking too hard again

I’m too conscious of what others may think of this silly

Stream of consciousness

Too self aware

Like my brother’s face in this photo

He knows I’m capturing him

And he’s trying not to smile

But everyone else

(Even those tiny people in the nose-bleed section of Camden Yards)

Either doesn’t notice

Or can’t see that far

Or is actually paying attention to the game

Or they just don’t care

Sometimes I wish I didn’t care so much

Life might be easier to live if I just didn’t care

“It just doesn’t matter, it just doesn’t matter, it just doesn’t matter…”

I try to make that my life’s mantra

but it does matter

The outcome of every Orioles game matters to someone

The Yankees matter to that poor fan in the background

Corn detasseling matters to someone

You matter

I matter

Matter matters

But some things don’t have to matter as much as other things at certain times

What do people always say?

Pick and choose your battles

And to quote Ron Weasley

“She needs to sort out her priorities”

What are your priorities?

What’s on first in your life?




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