Birthdays Past

Even though these photos are not randomly chosen,

It seems kind of random how birthdays bring you into the future and into the past

Remembering all the birthdays before

Who did I celebrate with?

What was important to me then?

How much has changed?

What has stayed the same?

What are my fondest birthdays of yesteryear?

Sleepovers, Balto, Pizza nights, gingerbread houses, the Blizzard of ’96

Eating out with a few friends

Choosing the menu that Mom will prepare at home

Actually having an 18th birthday party with food, games, and music

A glass of chardonnay with grandma as she reminisces at the Pub in her retirement home for my 21st

Climbing a volcano, getting my eyebrow pierced, getting free cake and a T-shirt in Guatemala

Building a magical tent-fort in the living room with twinkly lights in Missouri while watching Avatar the Last Air Bender and eating cheese cake brownies

Baklava birthdays

Ellicott City with my friends

Watching Tangled and Coloring

Baking my own Cupffins

So many fond memories

The common theme

Celebrating with someone

With people

With family

With friends

Showing love and sharing love

Celebrating life

The beauty of life

And seeing all the good and fun we can have

even in the little adventures



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