Rice Hall Green House


My second year of college at Anderson University I decided I wanted plants

I lived in Rice Hall

It was rather drab

My large window on the main floor had two panes of glass perfect for a mini green house

I loved my little oasis I created in there with my foliage

I feel like college is a time to decide who you really want to be

I wanted to be the girl with the plants

And the cool art and photography

I wanted that bohemian, artsy, creative, out-of-the box look

in my room, in my clothing, in my persona

I think sometimes I tried too hard

But sometimes, I realized part of that really was me and I didn’t have to try so hard

But it wasn’t something to show off, or try to do it better

But because it was freeing

Because living with plants in my window was exciting

and taking pictures helped me find the beauty in life

because dressing in fun, weird ways made me feel free

Free to discover who I really am

I think I’m still doing that

And I think I will continue to do that

Keep discovering who I am

And keep trying new decor

New outfits

New ways of discovering the beauty in everything





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