Redskins, Beethoven, Darth Vader, and a Poopy Diaper

Sometimes I can’t just write about random photos

Sometimes I need to share my random dreams I have

I often recall my dreams

Usually these dreams can be quite obscure

Two nights ago I dreamt my whole family attended a Redskin’s game

The stadium looked more like a high school football field – complete with rustic metal bleachers and real-life grass for a field (complete with mud, ditches, and snow)

My dad was unusually pumped (he’s usually a pretty chill guy)

Like jumping up and down, ecstatic, talking non-stop kind of pumped (totally not dad)

We were standing on the side-lines and he excitedly informed us that whenever the skins got a 9th down (you read right, this is a dream remember?)

So whenever they got a 9th down all the fans sang Beethoven’s 9th Symphony in unison

If you are not a music nerd that is the “Ode to Joy” one

I was so excited to hear everyone belt out “Joyful, Joyful” together I just could not wait for a 9th down

Of course at that moment we all caught a whiff of Quinn

Her diaper was loaded

I (being the best aunt ever) offered to go change her

I (being the aunt and not the very experienced mother) took FOR-EV-ER to change said mess

Upon my arrival I realized the Redskins had just gotten a 9th down!

How about that!

So right as I took a preparatory breath to begin singing I realized the crowd was not singing Ode to Joy,

But instead –

The Imperial March

Darth Vader’s theme song


Hail to the Redskins

And poopless diapers





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