Tonight is Sunday,

which means tomorrow morning

is Monday.

I always plan to go to bed early on Sundays.

Do some night time yoga,

not eat too much before bed,

listen to calming music,

write a cool journal entry with some artsy doodles,

read the Bible,


prepare myself for the week ahead…

Tonight I stayed up too late watching a movie,

dreaming my life away on Pinterest,

eating too much before bed…

I did do a couple yoga poses


like 2,

and I did journal –

more like scribbled a few words,

barely legible,

but my dogs are cute,

and they don’t care.

They still love me.

And my bed is still pretty great.

Monday is still coming whether I think I’m ready for it or not,

it doesn’t care.

Not sure if Monday will love me as much as my dogs do,

but I want to tackle it head on and be fierce and inspirational – joyous and hopeful -calm and patient.

I try. I want to find the morsels of goodness in each moment.

Will you help?

Let’s find them together.

Better yet –

Let us create them together.

Even the smallest morsals of goodness are reason to celebrate.

Like 2 yoga moves,

and scribbles in a journal,

and cute dogs.

I want that kind of life.

The kind of life that really feels the joy of those lovely moments –

instead of feeling the constant disappointment of insufficiency –

measuring up, not meeting expectations, comparing, wishing away….

So live with what is,

but also make “what is”

into something beautiful.

I want to make Monday a masterpiece,

even if it’s not quite a Mona Lisa Masterpiece but more like a sidewalk chalk doodle of a decrepit dinosaur.

Let’s make it the most glorious depiction of a decrepit dinosaur Monday had ever seen.


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