IMG_0663I find that life is much improved

when glitter is involved.

Most sane individuals would beg to differ.

Yes, glitter does immediately cling to everything in a fifty foot radius.

But that just means that everything becomes a little bit more magical.

Yes, glitter, much like cockroaches, could probably outlive humanity.

It doesn’t seemed phased by flood, fire, or vacuum cleaners.

But that just means that everything stays a little bit more magical.

Who wouldn’t want a little bit more magic in their lives?


I appreciate the greeting card business for wanting to spread their glitter to far reaches of the world. When I get a glittery greeting card I like to rub my hands all over it and shake it on my head and then I go and shake it over my dogs, and then the people in the room.

I appreciate the tacky prom dress business for sharing their glitter with carpets and chairs all over department stores, and school gyms. Those awkward experiences are made shiny again with glitter. Glitter has got your back right when you need a little bit of magic.


My Mom and Cindy like to tell the story about how when we were shopping for clothes at a department store I was overcome with such admiration for a shiny, shimmering, glittery outfit that I reached out and clung to its sleeves exclaiming “Isn’t this just the most beautiful thing you ever saw?”


One time I had a container of glitter in my purse. Of course I carry glitter in my purse.

Of course the container broke while still in my purse. Of course I reached into my purse to grab some chapstick, or my wallet, or a new reed, or something, and found that it had become magical. The power of glitter. And of course everything within that fifty foot radius became magical – All. Year. Long.


So while perusing Hobby Lobby with my aunt one evening I was just overcome with such a deep love and connection with glitter that I decided I needed to take pictures of everything glittery in the store. Pretty sure I filled up the whole memory card. This is one of those said photographs.


Spreading it across the expanse of the internet now.

Will it become a little more magical now?




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