The practice of acceptance –IMG_7489

take what comes,

as is –

has proven to be more difficult

Than I once imagined


Try it.


Let number generators choose your photos.

Do not push the regenerate button.

You get rural animals sniffing the face of a face you used to see every day

You get unintentional blurry photos of objects you once thought were “artsy”

you get really average moments

you get old memories you might not want to dig up


Put your iTunes on shuffle

Do not skip!

You get Christmas Carols sung by vegetables

You get strange excerpts of 20th Century prepared piano

You get lovely opera arias

You get Ben Folds yelling obscenities after serenading us about suburban life


Allow your feelings to happen

Do not push them away or downplay them

Explore them, dissect them, digest them


You get should haves,

You get what ifs,

You get why mes

You get what the hells


Sit with them

Accept them

They are you

Accept you


With all the feelings you have

with all of the memories

All of the photos

All of the songs

They are you

And they are still beautiful












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